Let there be natural light… in all the rooms of your house!

One of the best methods to make your house or apartment look better and more lively, apart from renovating it or cleaning it regularly, is by letting more natural light inside. The same way you get energized early in the morning, as the sun rises and sends its rays on your face through the window, a room wakes up when it’s lit by something else than light bulbs, candles, and TV screens. However, this is easier said than done, as sunlight also acts as a litmus, highlighting dust and lint, if they exist.

In this blog post, we will show you how you can “invite” more natural light inside your home, which you can choose from or adapt according to your preferences, as well as the way your apartment or house is built:

1. By keeping the curtains open. This is the most logical thing to do if you want more sunlight in your bedroom, dining room, or living room. When you don’t want to engage in any activity that involves darkness, such as watching a movie on a projection screen, you should keep the curtains open. This way, the whole room will look much lively, and you will also save money on your electricity bill! There are not too many things, not even coffee or energy drinks, that energize you more than sunshine, especially if it’s a perfectly clear day.

2. By using mirrors. This is an ingenious way of enhancing the “quantity” of light in your room. What you have to do is strategically place mirrors where the light rays fall on your walls, so they will bounce back and give you a more intense sensation. This way, you will have more than enough sunlight even if it’s not the brightest of days. Another option is to place mirrors on hallways so that they will send natural light into darker rooms.

3. By opting for doors with a window. Another logical solution is to choose doors with a window instead of solid doors. This way, the light will continue to travel through your house even if some of the doors are closed. This could work very well for the laundry room, which is traditionally darker.

4. By opening your windows. Last but not least, you should open your windows more often than not. After you wake up, before you go to sleep, after you eat, before you practice, whenever the temperatures outside are high enough – these are all perfect times to open your windows. How does it help? First of all, it will let a little bit more natural light inside since there is no frame or glass in the way.

Secondly, and most importantly, opening the window will also bring fresh air inside. Nothing compares to the energy and optimism boost given by the combination of natural sunlight and fresh air. Therefore, if you want a healthier and happier life, follow our advice! But don’t forget: you must not neglect other important aspects regarding your home!

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