Yard work & lawn mowing service at affordable prices

There’s so much yard work to do outdoors in order to improve the curb appeal of your home, especially when there’s so little time. Trust us to take care of your yard needs and you won’t regret it! Our prices are affordable and our services are top quality. We guarantee it!

We offer: lawn mowing service, mulching, pruning, leaves removal.

What does yard work involve? 

Yard work landscapes the grounds surrounding houses or other buildings or businesses. Most commonly, it’s done during the spring and summer, when planting, mowing, and ground maintenance are necessary. It includes:

  • pruning plants, trees, and shrubs;
  • maintaining landscape areas;
  • applying fertilizers and pesticides;
  • activating and monitoring irrigation systems. 

What does our lawn mowing service involve? 

Apart from the obvious, our lawn mowing service also includes:

  • applying pesticides and fertilizers;
  • shoveling snow from walkways;
  • identifying tree limbs that pose a certain degree of danger;
  • watering plants and grass;
  • planting flowers and shrubs. 

We cut grass, water and fertilize the ground, mow and maintain clients’ lawns during the spring, summer and autumn, and shovel, salt, and check the walkways for ice and potential fall risk areas during the winter. As professional technicians, we are proficient in using state-of-the-art tools and lawn equipment.

What are our principles and main qualities? 

Both in lawn mowing services, yard work, and all other services we offer, we apply the same principles and values that define our work:

  • We pay the utmost attention to detail;
  • We care about our clients’ budget and needs;
  • Our main goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations;
  • We are reliable, trustworthy, and have high-quality standards regarding our work;
  • We offer FREE quotes and estimates – call now at (540) 376 4624 or submit an online form. 

What do clients say about our yard work & lawn mowing service? 

At HBSOnTime.com, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and our high-quality services, top-notch equipment, and specially trained professionals guarantee it. We are recommended in the Greater Fredericksburg Area by locals who have contacted us for lawn mowing service or yard work. Their reviews, submitted either on Facebook or right here on our site, through our online form, reflect their satisfaction.

  • We were extremely satisfied. Very friendly team and always on time!
  • They were prompt and respectful. All communication was spot on!
  • Great company, on time. I will definitely contact them again!
  • In my opinion, you cannot find a company that will pay better attention to detail. Very professional & clean!
  • What a relief to know a company that does so much, so well. I discovered these guys on Facebook
  • Greatly appreciated for prompt service all the time!
  • Even when unexpected things came up on our end, they were able to regroup and add more help, when and where we needed!
4.6/5 (11 Reviews)