Kitchen cabinets painting in only 2 days! meets your needs of renovating and refreshing your home’s appearance through its kitchen cabinet painting services. This is the cheapest way of upgrading the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money on remodeling. The entire process, which we will detail below, only takes 2 days from start to finish. If you want to repaint the cabinets in your kitchen and live within a 50-mile radius of Fredericksburg, otherwise known as the Greater Fredericksburg Area, you can call us at (540) 376 4624, drop us a line at or submit the online form. We will contact you as soon as possible and, furthermore, we will offer a FREE estimate of your costs.

What do our kitchen cabinets painting services include? 

The materials we use include a two-inch tapered paintbrush, a painter’s bucket, grit sandpaper, a tack cloth, a vacuum, a sanding block, a screwdriver, a primer, and paint. Getting the right tools not only makes painting the kitchen cabinets easier for us, but it also leads to better results, both visually and in terms of quality. This way, the overall result will look better and will last longer, making you feel at peace when you come home after a long day and want to spend time cooking or eating in your kitchen. Here is what the process involves:

  • Removing doors and hardware (pulls, knobs, hinges, screws);
  • Removing the drawer faces;
  • Cleaning the surfaces that are about to be painted (using a grease cutter since kitchen cabinet doors can get greasy over time);
  • Sanding the surfaces, for scuffing up and dulling the surfaces, so the primer will adhere well (using sandpaper), then vacuuming and wiping the surfaces;
  • Priming doors and drawer fronts, making sure that the edges are fully painted, without sticking when the paint dries;
  • Priming the cabinets themselves, starting with the sides and continuing with the front;
  • Applying a second coat of paint, after the first one dries, to make sure the color is uniform. 

What do clients think about kitchen cabinets painting? is locally recommended in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, by all clients who are extremely pleased with our high-quality and quick service, and our professional employees. Here is what our customers have to say:

  • We started with the common area painting and added rooms almost immediately. I think HBS has now painted almost my entire house, they were very flexible and super accommodating, as painting with two littles under 2 is a challenge. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. (V. A.);
  • The service and professionalism of this team are great! I’ve used them a few times for kitchen cabinets painting, handyman services, and power washing. Highly recommended! (G. S.);
  • We will be using them again in the near future, and recommend them to anyone needing handyman and painting services! (Z. S).
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