The prices for our services, all in one place. Check them out here!

Like it or not, we have to face reality: some of our customers choose us because of our reasonable prices in the first place. Even if we have multiple other advantages to offer, such as promptness, professionalism, the best cleaning techniques, and impeccable work ethics, the financial factor is still the most important in some cases. After all, you have to take into account different variables: the overall cost versus the time it takes, and your DIY skills. In most cases, the calculation is simple: if you don’t think you can do a certain task yourself, if you will lose too much time, and if you have to buy all the materials you need, it’s much more simple to give us a call!

To give you a hand, we decided to list the prices and estimated time for all our services below, so you know what to expect when you contact us. Of course, small changes may occur due to the specifications of the activity we will have to do, and the personalization of our services, to accommodate your requirements and needs. As you already know, we are very concerned about your peace of mind, therefore we offer free estimates for all our clients, and we listen to their wishes. Without further ado, here are our prices, as well as the time each service takes:

Dryer vent cleaning

– 125 dollars;
– 1 hour and up;

Carpet & tile cleaning

– from 100 dollars to 475 dollars;
– 2 hours and up;
– includes carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, hot water extraction steam cleaning;

Handyman services

– 75 dollars per hour;
– includes home maintenance, drywall repairs, rotten wood trim work, door repairs, etc;

Maid services

– 150 dollars;
– 2 hours and up;
– includes professional cleaning services;

Painting & staining

– from 225 dollars to 975 dollars;
– up to 8 hours;
– includes painting services, interior & exterior staining;

Power washing

– from 100 dollars to 750 dollars;
– 4 hours and up;
– includes house washing decks, fences, patio, vinyl siding stucco, brick, stone, wood, concrete roof shingle, soft wash;

Junk removal

– from 100 dollars to 275 dollars;
– up to 2 hours;
– includes junk removal labor, hauling, and disposal;

Window cleaning

– from 5 dollars to 25 dollars per window;
– 4 hours;
– includes window cleaning, glass cleaning, window sills, window screens;

Gutter cleaning

– from 75 dollars to 150 dollars;
– up to 1 hour;

Cleaning services

– from 100 dollars to 750 dollars;
– up to 4 hours;
– includes professional cleaning services, maid services, office cleaning, move-in ready cleaning, window cleaning;

Air duct cleaning

– from 250 dollars to 475 dollars;
– up to 4 hours;
– includes air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, duct system sanitization.

In conclusion, whatever services you need, call us or chat with us on Whatsapp on our number +1 540-376-4624, and we will offer you a free estimate, as well as discuss all details. We are waiting for you!

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