How to prepare your office building for the “grand reopening”?

professional commercial cleaning services

One of the most impressive reports about the situation the whole planet is going through in the last year didn’t concern the vaccine, the intensive care units, or the effects the coronavirus is having on our mental health. It was much simpler than that, but very expressive since you know that a picture is worth a thousand words. A famous American magazine had the idea to enter an abandoned office building, where employees were sent to work from home, and take pictures of the dead plants. The pots from every desk and every balcony, that would otherwise have been watered daily, were now withered, being left behind by people who are now teleworking.

Politicians all around the world tell us about the “grand reopening”, that will happen sooner or later this year, after the number of cases and their incidence in communities decreases. It will be difficult for you, as a manager, to convince your employees to come back to work since studies show over 65% of them prefer to work from home indefinitely, or at least in a hybrid system. However, if you persuade them to do it, you have to make sure everything is ready in the office before welcoming them back. Plants are the last thing you should think about, though, since there are many other aspects you need to take care of first.

We, at, offer professional commercial cleaning services, covering all your cleaning needs, from routine cleaning maintenance to seasonal carpet, tile cleaning, power washing, and window cleaning. Of course, since we are talking about a period of over one year of absence from the office, there will be a lot to take care of, starting with general cleaning and ending up with refilling the soap dispensers. What can be more annoying than using a filthy restroom without enough toilet paper, then trying to wash your hands with the last drop from an almost empty dispenser? We know, not too many things!

professional commercial cleaning services
professional commercial cleaning services

When we come to clean your office, we want to make sure not only you, as a manager, are happy with the result, but also your employees and clients, providing a healthier and more welcoming work environment. After a year of absence, it might be difficult for some of your colleagues to readapt, therefore you should consider making the place a bit more familiar and friendly than before. For example, ask your employees to bring their favorite mug or a framed photo to put on their desk, or even organize a Casual Friday or Bring Your Pet to Work day.

In conclusion, once everything gets back to normal and all your employees prove that they were vaccinated or went through the COVID disease, you can announce them that, in a few days, they can get back to work. In the meantime, we will clean and organize the place, helping you create a welcoming environment. After all, this isolation period has taken its toll and everybody needs to learn to socialize again. We are waiting for your call!

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