How can you tell if your house is “too clean”?

Having a clean house is everyone’s dream since a tidy place doesn’t only bring you peace of mind, but it also helps you and your family stay healthy and happy. In these conditions, what does a “too clean” house mean? It’s definitely not a bad thing! It means such a level of cleanliness that even other people notice it from the start! And it denotes discipline and care on your part and that of your family members. Forwards, we will show you how you can tell if your house is “too clean”.

1. You clean as you go. When it comes to house cleaning, there are two types of people: ones that schedule a weekly or monthly general cleaning, whether they do it themselves or opt for professional residential cleaning services, and ones that clean as they go. If you like to wipe down your countertops and rinse off your dishes as soon as you are done cooking or eating, you probably fall in the second category. This makes you very careful with your house, of which you always think it’s not clean enough.

2. You make your bed. Making your bed is not just a thing your mother taught you to do when you were little, it’s actually very effective on the overall aspect of the house. If you make your bed right after you wake up, your house will look much better and neater, it will help you start a brand new day, and it will also help you rest better since you will find a sleeping place that looks very inviting.

3. Everything has its own place (including the things you DON’T own yet). Similarly to putting your dishes away right after you eat, if you put everything back in place after you use it, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or a chair, your house will look much better and “airy”. And what do we mean by “including the things you DON’T own yet”? Very simple: if you order something and before it arrives, you already know where you are going to put it, that means your house is “too clean”!

4. Your guests take off their shoes almost instinctively. Another clear sign that your house is cleaner than you think is that, when they enter the door, your guests take off their shoes almost instinctively. You don’t even have to tell them to do it, they seem to react in such a manner out of respect for the hard work you put in to keep your place so tidy and neat.

5. You own and use a dust brush, an anti-bacterial cleaning spray, and a paper shredder regularly. A brush will help you get rid of dust in no time at all, a cleaning spray will eliminate germs immediately, and a paper shredder will destroy any obsolete snail mail or paperwork in a second. If you own these three objects and use them regularly, we are positive that your house looks wonderful. Good job!

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