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Are you searching for “carpet cleaning near me” on Google? Are you looking to have your carpet cleaned without any headache? We have a complete cleaning offer in Fredericksburg. At, we make sure your carpets are clean and sanitized at a reasonable price. This is how our easy our process looks like:

– get a free estimate online. It’s okay to shop around for a better price and search the best “carpet cleaning near me” offer on Google. That’s why we offer free estimates online, at any time of the day or night. We honor a 10% discount for our seniors, veterans, military personnel, and government employees. Feel free to call, text, or leave us a voicemail at (540) 376-4624, if you have any questions, during normal business hours. We’ll get back to you soon.

– schedule service at your convenience. Choose a few different dates and times for service as per your availability. We will confirm and remind you at least 30 minutes before arriving. We’re always on time with proper planning.

– professional carpet cleaning. Always starting with a walk-thru, our professionals are guiding you over the process and begin right away. We will clean your carpets like never before and you’ll see the difference for yourself. You made the right choice by letting us do it for you the right way.

– a clean carpet looks, smells, and feels better. We like to think that our carpet cleaning process is better because we vacuum the carpet in detail including all edges and because we don’t just clean, but also sanitize and deodorize your carpet to make sure it smells fresh and feels great. Using our powerful air movers we’re trying to leave the carpet behind as drier as possible before leaving your house for your comfort and protection.


How we do it?

Carpet manufacturers recommend the “hot water extraction” cleaning method, also known as “steam cleaning” as the most efficient carpet cleaning process. This is the best and most popular and efficient carpet cleaning method, and the way we do it is tough on dirt and gentle on carpet. We are the best carpet cleaners in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Culpeper, Orange, Louisa and Caroline county.’s carpet cleaning services include:

– fast drying times;

– stain removal;

– pet odor removal;

– safe products;

– quick service;

– FREE estimates;

– a flexible way to pay online with cash or check;

We also provide a tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and restoration solution using state of the art equipment. Our equipment combines high pH alkaline chemicals, hot water, safe pressure, and efficient extraction. Furthermore, our services estimates and care tips are always FREE!

Tip! Beware of big franchise offers, they usually offer more marketing than quality. Make the right choice: use a local business that provides services with passion and dedication for the local community and you won’t be disappointed.

The secret steps of carpet cleaning

The first step in the process is the dry soil removal – we use an upright vacuum, with brush agitation and high-efficiency HEPA filters to remove up to 99% of particles. We even take time to vacuum the edges with the crevice tool, cleaning your carpet in detail. Attention to detail is our strength.

The second step of the carpet cleaning services is the pre-spray of the carpet for soil suspension – the action of separating the soil from the carpet fiber, as in CHAT:

– Chemicals – application of preconditioning chemicals;

 – Heat – use of heat or high temperature to speed chemical reaction;

 – Agitation, for proper chemical penetration and even distribution;

 – Time, dwell time so that the chemical reaction can be completed before soil extraction is attempted.

 Our professional service guarantees customer satisfaction, with the reviews on our site and the local recommendations standing proof. “The quality of the work provided was top notch and very professional” – this is just one of the reviews we got from our clients, pretty much summing up our work.


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