Deck staining and deck painting in the Greater Fredericksburg Area (Home Business Services) offers high-quality deck painting and deck staining in the Greater Fredericksburg Area since 2013. We are a family-owned business, so our core values were always centered around the idea of family and home, the core foundation of the American Dream. The services we offer are affordable, as well as diverse, from professional cleaning (residential, commercial, window, and air duct cleaning) to carpet cleaning and home maintenance (handyman services, power washing, gutter cleaning, junk removal, and staining and painting).

What does deck staining involve? 

After some time, the wood on your deck gets exposed, as the stain wears out and doesn’t protect it against rain and snow anymore. By now, you know you should hire’s deck staining services. This prolongs your deck’s life by a few years at least, while also improving its aspect. Here is what steps it involves from our side:

  • Checking the weather forecast, to make sure that stain is applied only on dry wood, after a few days with no rain or snow, in low to moderate humidity conditions, and not in direct sunlight;
  • Cleaning the dirt and stains from the wood deck, cleaning between the boards, and applying a deck cleaner or pressure washer;
  • Using synthetic brushes, natural bristles or rollers to work the water-based stain into the wood;
  • Matching the stain type to the wood (for example, if the wood was previously coated with a solid stain, it can’t be coated with a semitransparent or clear stain);
  • Mixing the gallons of stain, to ensure consistent color, and then deck staining with long and smooth strokes, while preventing puddles and covering the whole available surface. 

What does deck painting involve? 

Deck painting is usually done to add color to your front porch and cover wood imperfections, and it will likely last even longer than staining. Here is what it consists of:

  • Clearing, sweeping, power washing, and applying a mold deterrent to the deck, to prepare it for painting;
  • Paint scraping and applying sandpaper to the deck, repairing the damaged or loose nails and boards, filling the cracks, and applying stain remover;
  • Masking off the walls, railings, and windows, covering all walls and doors with plastic sheets, then deck painting from top to bottom, one section at a time;
  • Using a separate paintbrush to cut into the edges and corners, then applying an additional layer of paint, using a paint roller;
  • Feathering out the paint with a paint brush, for a smooth finish, making sure no marks or clumps are left behind. 

How to access our deck staining and deck painting services? 

If you want your deck stained or painted, all you have to do is call at (540) 376 4624, send us an e-mail at, or submit an online form and you will benefit from a FREE estimate!


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