Affordable air duct cleaning service in the Greater Fredericksburg Area

Dirty air ducts are one of the main possible sources of dust in your home. You may consider employing an air duct cleaning service simply because it seems logical that the air ducts will get dirty over time and should be occasionally cleaned. Simply by replacing your air filters on a regular basis, you’re already taking the first step for a healthier and higher indoor air quality.

We use HEPA (high-efficiency particle air) vacuuming equipment with multi filtration levels to make sure the particles are encapsulated without cycling them back inside of your home.

Dryer vent cleaning is another service offered – clogged dryer vents represent a serious fire hazard. As the dryer vent becomes occluded with very combustible lint, it decreases the dryer’s efficiency and can increase the heat in the vent to the point of actually causing the lint to ignite. The same situation applies to clogged bathrooms exhaust fans.

Tips for dryer vent cleaning

Our team of highly-trained professionals prepared a list of quick tips for dryer vent cleaning:

  • The flammable plastic or vinyl flexible transition ducts between the dryer and the main vent should be replaced by semi-rigid metal ones
  • Since this represents a fire hazard, dryer vent cleaning at least once a year should be on your home maintenance to-do list
  • Rather than doing it yourself, you should employ our professional team to do the dryer vent cleaning for you

How can you benefit from our air duct and dryer vent cleaning service?

All you have to do is call us at (540) 376 4624 or complete the online form on the Contact page, to get a FREE quote. After that, we will contact you and we will schedule our visit. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and our reviews and the fact that we are locally recommended around Fredericksburg stand proof.

Here are just a few of our clients’ air duct cleaning and maid service reviews:

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Area of service

HBS offers reliable, trustworthy, and high-quality air duct cleaning services, using only state of the art equipment, on a 50 miles radius around Fredericksburg, VA, including Stafford, King George, Caroline, Spotsylvania, Louisa, Orange, Culpeper and Fauquier counties.

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