Turn key services

Are you looking to SELL or RENT a property?

Today the real estate market is very competitive and we can help you make a difference with inside outside cleaning and maintenance to sell or rent your property. Whether is a new construction cleaning project, rental property cleaning and maintenance, we can take care of it.

Builders and real estate professionals are choosing us because of our knowledge, experience, reliability and trustworthiness. If you are a homeowner, landlord, real estate agent or property manager, we are the key to your success. So you can save money and have faster turnover on your properties. We care about your needs and budget and we deliver on time and in budget.

Home and Business Services provides a wide range of services that you can choose from in order to reach your listing goals – whether for sale or for rent.

NEW Construction? Rental ? Attention to details is our strength

At this point we are able to take over a house that was foreclosed or is in a very bad shape after eviction and turn the key back to new owners or tenants to move in ready condition.new construction cleaning

Our project management ensure a smooth transition from the trash out, small demolition and junk removal phase to the custom home maintenance list (to include safety checklist items like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and cleaning the dryer vent) to a fresh coat of paint. We proved ourselves useful and efficient by saving money with our approach of doing our best to save and repair instead of replace.
For example: in the kitchen, cabinets can be repaired, repainted and hardware updated instead of ripping them of from the walls, hauling them away, fixing the walls, purchase and install expensive new ones. Sometimes a few dollars spent for a door stopper could save you hundreds of dollars in drywall repairs and painting. Bottom line is that with just a few inside outside cleaning and maintenance improvements, the overall look of a property can be improved and the value increased.

The mix of services that we provide, from leaves removal and mulching and adding flower beds to power washing, window cleaning, deck staining and exterior painting to kitchen and bathroom updates with tile work and custom interior painting, could save you time and money..

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