5 simple things that will keep your house refreshed at all times

Everybody wants their house to be clean and refreshed at all times, especially if it’s newly renovated or they just moved in. But things are easier said than done, so how can you do it without too much effort? Of course, cleaning it daily, weekly, or whenever mess accumulates is obligatory, and you can do it yourself or opt for our professional cleaning services. However, in this article, we will mostly talk about what you can do to prevent bad odors from accumulating inside your house.

1. After waking up, open the window of the room where you slept. Whether you realize it or not, bad odors can accumulate in the bedroom overnight, especially if you sleep with your door closed. When you wake up, you don’t realize it from the start because you got used to it, but it soon becomes obvious. To eliminate the smell of sweating and stale air, you have to open the window and ventilate the room for a few hours. The same process is recommended before sleep if the outside weather is not too cold.

2. Ventilate the whole house before and after you have guests. The same principle as above applies when you have guests in your house. No smell is better than fresh air, and nothing says “this house is clean” as breathable air inside. Even if you might tend to use a lot of room air freshener before your guests arrive, to make a good impression, too much can be stifling. This is why we recommend just proper ventilation, and maybe a couple of strong-smelling flowers, or some scented sticks or stick diffusers.

3. Keep your bathroom door closed at all times. This seems obvious, but keeping the bathroom door closed at all times has more advantages than you could think of. First of all, it prevents any bad odors from going out into your house. Secondly, if you use a strong toilet air freshener inside the bathroom, it will keep the odor inside for a longer time and it will make it much noticeable once going in. Last but not least, keeping the bathroom door closed also has an aesthetic role.

4. Use a strong air freshener in the hallway, with slow-release. The first impression always matters and it’s important to make your guests feel welcome from the moment they step into your house. This is why we would advise you to use a strong air freshener in the hallway, with slow-release, while the rooms are just properly ventilated, as we mentioned before. This will create a balanced overall smell inside your house.

5. Put the air fresheners in visible places for your guests. Last but not least, we advise you to put the air fresheners in visible places for your guests. Whether we are talking about the bathroom, the shoe closet, or any other place that could generate bad odors, they have to be sure they can eliminate them in no time at all, to avoid embarrassing situations. We are sure that, if you use all these tips, your house will smell fresh every time and people will notice it!

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