How to keep your house clean if you have indoor pets?

Having a pet can be wonderful, whether we are talking about dogs, cats, or something even more exotic, but it could also be problematic, from some points of view. For example, they could disturb your neighbors with their noise, especially dogs that bark loudly, and, if you have more, they could sometimes fight with each other. However, another problematic aspect concerns the cleanliness of your house, with indoor pets. This is why, in this article, we will give you some advice if you want to maintain a home that looks and smell nice but also hosts smaller or larger pets.

1. Keep your pets clean. Of course, the easiest way to have a clean house with indoor pets is to keep them clean in the first place. Set up a pet grooming routine, preferably in a designated place, and stick to it every time. Even if you don’t use shampoo and just wash them with water, it could still make a world of difference. Logically, dry them as thoroughly as possible, and clean the whole place, especially the floor, afterward.

2. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. Another aspect that could make the difference is a quality vacuum cleaner, compared to a cheap one. You’ll need to look for extra-strong suction, a quality filter, and a good brush action, to pull pesky hairs, and help banish odors. If you allow your pets on the furniture, you should look for a vacuum cleaner that could tackle upholstery as well. Last but not least, make sure you clean out the filter too, as a filter clogged with hair and dirt will spread a very unpleasant smell.

3. React quickly to accidents. Another key factor is to react quickly to any accident. Of course, first of all, we mean the nastiest and the most smelly accidents (we’re pretty sure you understood what we are talking about), but also the situations in which your dogs or cats spill full plates or glasses on the floor. In the first case, you should act fast and use an enzyme-based cleaner to minimize smells, while in the second case, you have to make sure that the food, wine, or juice doesn’t stick to your carpets or other furnishings.

4. Ventilate your house regularly. As we already mentioned in this article, entitled “5 simple things that will keep your house refreshed at all times“, it’s crucial to follow these steps: (I) after waking up, open the window of the room where you slept (II) ventilate the whole house before and after you have guests (III) keep your bathroom door closed at all times (IV) use a strong air freshener in the hallway, with slow-release (V) put the air fresheners in visible places for your guests. You can understand why these steps are even more important when you have pets. Fresh air will naturally cover bad smells and let them escape, maintaining breathable air inside your house, even if you have one or more dogs or cats.

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