“If it smells clean, then it must be clean” and other cleaning myths

When it comes to cleaning, most people think it’s a piece of cake and everybody can do it. However, it’s a long way from theory to practice, and anybody can tell you it’s not that easy, especially if you haven’t done it in a long time, or if you have a big house. This lack of knowledge led to the emergence of several myths, which we will try to debunk in this article, with the help of our highly-trained experts. Without further ado, here is what you didn’t know about cleaning (or you knew wrong):

“If it smells clean, then it must be clean”. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It would be safe to say that the best clean is odorless. The fresh and flowery smell comes from the odorizer included in the cleaning products, not their action. Therefore, before buying and after the cleaning process itself, don’t be fooled by the colored packaging and the areas smelling clean. They might be the most full of germs!

“Vacuuming the carpet too often could wear it out”. Many people believe that if you vacuum your carpet too often, it could wear out more easily. However, there is no such thing as “too often” when it comes to vacuuming the carpet, therefore you should clean it every time you notice any dirt or stains on it. We aren’t the only ones saying it: professional carpet cleaners agree that vaccuming oftenly restores the carpet’s initial aspect and prolongs its life.

“Newspapers work as well as paper towels for cleaning windows”. Nobody disagrees on the fact that newspapers can be used as a substitute for paper towels, when cleaning windows. However, they are by no means the best alternative. Just think about the ink from the pages that could be transfered to the windows or their frames!

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“Any cleaner is a good cleaner”. While there are some great all-purpose cleaners, this is not generally true for all cleaning products. In other words, buying a single product is not usually enough for all areas in your house. Make sure to read the label well before purchase and not use a cleaner on a surface it’s not meant for.

“Vinegar is the best disinfectant”. The fact that vinegar could get rid of germs better than any other cleaners is nothing but a misconception. It can indeed work wonders in some situations, such as removing guck or junking off surfaces, but it certainly doesn’t kill all germs. Therefore, as we already mentioned before, choose your cleaning products wisely, depending on the area you want to clean.

“Bleach is the ideal cleaner for all surfaces”. Last but not least, we will address the myth that bleach is the best cleaner for every surface in your house. While they kill germs quickly, bleachers are almost useless when it comes to breaking down the build-up on surfaces. Furthermore, they can be dangerous for children and pets, especially if used in strong concentrations.

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