You ask, we answer! FAQs about window installation

Window installation is just one of the dozens of services we offer our customers in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA since 2013. Since so many of you ask questions about this topic, we decided to gather them in an article and answer them in the most explicit and professional way. Without further ado, here’s what your curiosities were and how we responded to them.

Q: How much does it cost to install new windows?

A: It depends on their type and size. From our experience, a single-hung window installation could cost anywhere between 175 and 600 dollars (with the window-only cost of 100-400 dollars), while a double-hung window could take you somewhere between 350 and 850 dollars (150-650 dollars only for the window).

Q: Can I install my own windows?

A: This is a quite difficult and time-consuming task so we wouldn’t recommend it. Of course, if you are naturally handy, you have extensive experience and a lot of free time, you could try it. But it’s much better if you just contact us. We are highly-trained professionals, who will finish the job in no time at all, without the need for further intervention.

Q: What are the steps of window installation?

A: Very briefly, the eight steps of window installation are (1) removing the window trim and casing (2) removing the old window and guide track (3) prepping or repairing the new window opening (4) inspecting and replacing the window stop (5) dry fitting the window (6) the actual window installation (7) adding insulation (8) adding extension jambs and trim molding.

Q: What materials are needed?

A: Again, very briefly, the materials we use for window installation are: flashing tape/roll flashing, wood filler, silicone caulk, paintable latex caulk, window & door spray foam insulation, shims, and finish nails.

Q: Are replacement windows installed from the inside or the outside?

A: We get this question from a lot of people, but the truth is that it doesn’t make a huge difference. If we do it from the outside, there will be less disruption in the house, but it will be harder to make the final result look good, so it could take a little bit longer. On the other hand, installing from the inside will create a better seal from air infiltration.

Q: How messy is window replacement?

A: We can only say it’s not the tidiest service, even if we are very careful while doing it. To avoid extra costs for cleaning, we recommend laying down plastic sheeting and drop cloths over your floors and in your yard. They will catch dust and debris and make clean up much quicker and easier.

Q: What is the best time of the year to replace windows?

A: Definitely during the late spring or early summer, when the weather is not too cold, but not too hot either. If you have multiple windows to replace, the temperature inside your house will not be affected by the outside weather.

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