Best doormat messages: original & funny ideas to welcome your guests!

best doormat messages

Even if you think that you have everything you need inside & outside your home, there is always something extra to buy. For example, did you ever wonder what is the first thing that your guests notice, whether we’re talking about family, friends, or neighbors? It’s not the hallway or something inside the house, but actually, something sitting on the porch, in front of the door. We’re talking about a doormat, a product that has at least two roles: a functional one since it’s used to wipe your feet before entering the house, as well as an aesthetic one because it can contribute to the overall appearance of the home.

Many people choose their doormats almost at random, taking into consideration only criteria such as size, material, color, or price. Of course, all these are important, but one of the most crucial things is what the product conveys about family members and the atmosphere in the house. Since it’s literally the first thing your guests see, the doormat says a lot about your household, even if you could underestimate its importance, especially given its rather… dirty role. This is why, in this article, we decided to present to you the best doormat messages we could find, both original & funny. Without further ado, here they are:

Please leave all your problems outside the door / Welcome to the jungle / Namaste / Home sweet home / Come back with a warrant / Stay awhile but please leave by 9 PM / Hold on! We’re probably not wearing pants / Hope you told us you were coming over / Please knock so we have time to clean up / Be our guest but don’t expect much / Oh no! Not you again… / Definitely not a trap door / Did you text first? / Let’s talk this inside / All guests must be approved by the dog / We hope you have a very good reason to make our dogs bark / Be nice or leave / Well, come on in… / Come in & cozy up / Shoes off, homie! / I hear you knocking but you can’t come in / The neighbors have better stuff / Now entering drama-free zone / Hello from the other side / Welcome to the dark side.

best doormat messages

As you can see, some of the messages above are funny, others are original, and some are pretty straightforward. Of course, they have to be adapted to your personality and the situation you are in (for example, if you have dogs), to have the expected effect. Actually, they could serve as a really nice and useful starting point in the discussions between you and your guests. For example, the following dialog is very easy to imagine: “Hi, neighbor! Very funny doormat message, where did you get it from?” / “Glad you like it, neighbor! Let me show you where I ordered it from!”. Therefore, choose the option that best represents you and the rest of the family!

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