6 examples of cleaning products you should never mix!

As a professional cleaning company, it’s our duty not only to make sure that we’re available at all times to make your house, office, and surroundings shine like they did when you bought them or moved in but also to offer precious pieces of advice. Most of our activity revolves around complete services (for example, deep cleaning your entire house or full turnkey services, preparing your property for rent or sale), but some of our clients require only punctual home chores, such as cleaning their bathroom or painting their kitchen cabinets.

Of course, we offer these services with the same professionalism, punctuality, and responsibility, but we also teach our clients how to DIY, if they have the necessary time, will, and skills to do it. Recently, a question we received on social media, from a returning customer from Orange County, caught our attention. She read an article about mixing different cleaning products and the potentially dangerous effect this could have. “Hi, HBSOnTime.com! I read online that mixing bleach and ammonia can produce toxic vapors. Is this true? The tone of the article was a bit alarming and the source was not very reliable either. So I’m asking you, whom I trust with cleaning my house”, she wrote us.

Therefore, we decided to make a blog article about it and present you with 6 examples of cleaning products you should never mix. Before actually revealing them, we must warn you that, if decide to DIY different home chores, you should read the labels of ALL the cleaning products before using them, no matter how well you think you know their properties. Furthermore, you shouldn’t minimize the potential risks of combining different cleaning substances, thinking nothing bad could happen to you – actually, this is how most accidents happen!

Bleach + vinegarcombining these two produces chlorine gas, which is highly toxic;

Hydrogen peroxide + vinegarthis combination creates corrosive acid;

Bleach + toilet bowl cleanerthis mix results in toxic fumes;

Bleach + ammoniamixing those two together leads to chloramine gas vapors;

Bleach + rubbing alcohol the chemical reaction between these two produces chloroform;

Combining different drain cleaners this combination could produce chlorine gas and cause an explosion!

In conclusion, you have to put safety first, just as we do, at Home & Business Services. Our clients’ wellbeing and comfort are the top priorities for us, together with exceeding expectations while bringing you peace of mind with the quality of our work. Attention to detail, proper planning, care for your needs and budget, as well as reliability, trustworthiness, high-quality standards, and impeccable work ethics are our other trademarks.

If you don’t like cleaning, don’t have time, you’re not good at it, or you simply don’t want to risk a potential hazard, like those mentioned above, our complete professional cleaning services represent the perfect solution for you. We offer residential, commercial, air duct, window, and carpet cleaning, at reasonable prices. Contact us!

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