Cleaning routine 101: how often should you mop the kitchen & vacuum vents?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients refers to how often should they do (or call us for) different chores inside and around the house, such as moping the kitchen & bathroom floors, vacuuming vents & woodwork, or cleaning the chimney & fireplace. To make life easier for them, as we normally do, we’ve decided to compile the whole list in this article. Therefore, without further ado, we present you with the ultimate cleaning schedule, with additional information afterward.


– making the bed;
– cleaning the coffee maker;
– cleaning dirty dishes;
– wiping down kitchen counters & table;
– doing laundry;
– sweeping kitchen floors;
– wiping down bathroom surfaces;
– sanitizing kitchen & bathroom sinks;


– moping kitchen & bathroom floors;
– scrubbing bathroom surfaces;
– cleaning mirrors;
– dusting furniture;
– vacuuming floors & furniture;
– changing the bedding;
– tossing expired food;
– wiping down kitchen appliances;
– cleaning the microwave;
– sanitizing sponges;


– vacuuming vents & woodwork;
– dusting & cleaning light fixtures;
dusting the blinds;
– cleaning the dishwasher, laundry machines & vacuum;

Two, three, or four times per year

– wiping down the inside of the fridge;
– cleaning the range hood;
– washing the shower curtain liner;
– cleaning under & behind furniture;
– cleaning patio surfaces & furniture;
– washing pillows & comforters;
– vacuuming mattresses;
– descaling the coffee maker;
– freshening the drains & garbage disposal;
– cleaning the inside of the oven;
– cleaning out the freezer;
– washing the car;


– cleaning the chimney & fireplace;
– deep cleaning the carpet & upholstery;
– deep cleaning windows;
– cleaning around the dryer & vents;
– cleaning the drapes & curtains;
– clearing out gutters.

Of course, this is just indicative data and you are free to change it, if you notice something is dirtier than it should be, or if something doesn’t work as it should – this is a clear sign something is wrong. If you decide to DIY and clean everything for yourself, you should consider the fact that it will take you a long time, especially if you are not used or inclined to this activity, and you also have to buy all the cleaning products you need.

On the other hand, if you value peace of mind and high-quality work, you should always contact us. Generally, when it comes to daily or weekly chores from the list above, we think it’s safe to say you can DIY, but when it comes to monthly or yearly tasks, you should let us do the job. As you already know, attention to detail is our strength, we’re always on time with proper planning, and we care about our clients’ budgets and needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations while bringing you peace of mind through the quality of our work. Reliability, trustworthiness, and high-quality standards define us!

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