How to get rid of the dust inside your home?

Dust is one of the most annoying presences in your home and it seems like the more you clean it, the more it appears. Even though it’s less offensive than bacteria or other unwanted guests, it’s still very unpleasant and even potentially dangerous for family members with asthma or other health problems. In these conditions, we decided to share with you some tips to enjoy a dust-free house. They are remarkably easy to put into practice, but if you still feel that your place is not clean enough after applying them, you should contact us! Our professional cleaning services (residential, air ducts, windows, carpets) are top-notch, and our work ethic is unmatched!

1. Buy a good doormat. The best way to have a dust-free home is to… keep dust at the door. Invest in a good doormat, use it every time you enter your house, and advise your children and guests to use it too;

2. Clean your pets thoroughly. Dead hair and dead skin cells are some of the most important sources of dust, and most of them come from cats and dogs. Groom them regularly and cover your cat’s litter box to avoid further dust;

3. Keep your windows closed. Even though it might sound counterintuitive, you should keep your windows closed, especially on windy days. Fresh air is good for your home, but it also contains pollen, mold spores, and airborne pollutants, which increase the amount of dust inside;

4. Give up the carpets. Even though they are elegant and we love to help you clean them, you should know that carpets are prone to holding dust and releasing it every time you step on them;

5. Clean your pillows. Even though you might not realize it, your pillows attract a lot of dust. This is why, apart from washing your sheets and pillowcases weekly, you should also clean your pillows regularly;

6. Eliminate 90% of it by damping. Never underestimate the power of water, as a thorough damp mopping and dusting will eliminate up to 90% of the dust. Remember: plain water is the most environmentally friendly cleaner you could find;

7. Don’t forget your upholstery & blinds. Most people make the mistake of thinking dust will settle only on horizontal surfaces. However, vertical surfaces such as curtains, lampshades, or blinds, need your attention too, as they hold a lot of dust;

8. Vacuum right regularly. A powerful vacuum is the best weapon against dust. Use it thoroughly at least weekly and trap dust, making the air inside your house more breathable;

9. Take your shoes off. Apart from wiping your feet before entering the house, you should also take your shoes off, as they can hold a lot of dust and debris. Instead, buy slippers for family members and guests;

10. Clear the clutter. Last but not least, you should give books, bookcases, and objects of beauty a frequent dusting or, even better, hide everything that would otherwise remain untouched, from mugs to small statues.

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