10 healthy habits of people who always have a clean house!

Do you take your shoes off whenever you enter the house and use clean and comfortable slippers? Do you put everything back into place after you cook or eat? And do you clean the shower after every use? Then you are already on the right track of having a tidy house with little to no effort. After all, it’s easier to do little by little every day than all in one day – this applies to homework, training, work projects, house cleaning, and basically everything else. Without further ado, let’s see what are the healthy habits of people who always have a clean house:

1. Wipe and clean on the go. After you finish in the bathroom, whether you wash your face, brush your teeth, or put on make-up, clean the whole thing up! When you’re done eating in the kitchen, clean the counter and make sure there are no crumbs left behind. In other words, wipe and clean on the go – it’s always easier this way!

2. Clean after you cook or eat. The message above doesn’t only apply to eating but especially cooking. The whole kitchen will get messy before you realize it, and dishes will start to pile up in the sink. Therefore, in our opinion, the best solution is the following: did you use something and you won’t use it anymore? OK, clean it and put it back!

3. Put the dishes back every evening. Similarly, there are not too many better feelings than waking up in the morning and entering a clean kitchen. Therefore, wash everything up or load the dishwasher every night, before heading to bed.

4. Clean the shower after every use. Using a squeegee after every shower doesn’t only mean that things will be cleaner, but also that water stains won’t build up – this way, everything will look new.

5. Sweep & vacuum as often as you can. Whenever you notice or feel that the floors are not as clean as they should, sweep or vacuum on the spot – both literally and figuratively. In the long run, it will be much easier.

6. Keep your windows clean and open. Nothing compares to fresh air and natural light, but to obtain these things, you have to open your windows as wide as you can and clean them regularly.

7. Don’t procrastinate laundry. Don’t let laundry build up! If you have time, fold, dry, and iron clothes every day – you will appreciate it in the morning, take our word for it!

8. Always take your shoes off. It goes without saying, but you shouldn’t wear street shoes inside. The same rule applies to children and guests – no exception, only slippers!

9. Create your own routine of washing and cleaning things. Monday can be towels day, Thursday can be bedding day, you get the idea. This way, you create a routine and prevent things from piling up.

10. Don’t be afraid of multitasking. Last but not least, you have to understand that, while you clean, you can do plenty of other things: talk to your family members or on the phone, listen to music or an audiobook, cook, bathe kids, etc. This way, everything will be (or at least seem) easier and fun!

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