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In every household, there comes a time where there will be deep concerns about the hygiene of living space. This concern range from excessive dust on cupboards or bookshelves, to possibly vermin infestation or clogging of the air ventilation system. Most of the time, these factors call for a total evacuation of the property. This could result in thorough examination and disinfection, or just a few maintenance procedures. But most of the time, the carpet is usually neglected. 

The carpet is one of the very essential furnishings in an apartment that needs to be taken care of properly. 

When left unkempt, it can act as a huge source of infestation as it has the ability to trap a nigh-infinite amount of dust particles and microspores, including any form of stain that resulted from accidental scenarios, such as spilling of wine or any form of liquid consumables on it, or litter/urine from any pet animal in your home. Therefore, the carpet needs special treatment and should be regarded as highly as any other piece of furniture in a household or apartment.

Just as it is extremely necessary to have a carpet in your home, so it’s the need to keep it clean. And this can, at most times, be a very daunting task to accomplish. Not everybody can carry out such work; rather, contractors are hired to assist with the cleaning. In lieu of you hiring contractors to do your work for you, you can follow these tips on maintaining and cleaning your carpets to near perfection.

It is very important always to try to clean the affected area as fast as possible. Remember that a professional service can often save your carpet if the stain is too deep.


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Prevent the spread of the stain

In the case of a spill, the first call of action is to always prevent it from spreading to unaffected areas. This can be achieved by the use of absorbent materials such as paper towels, dry cloth, etc. It is always preferable to use a paper towel, or a dry cloth to submerge into the stain. Try and do this with many dry cloths as possible, until the dampness after each dry cloth used is reduced almost to nothing. Also try to avoid making a particularly common circular wrist movement while cleaning and stopping the spread; because this could not only increase the area of the stain, it could also distort the nature of the affected area of the carpet, and probably leave a permanent mark, especially if the carpet is made up of a sensitive cotton component.


Always blot the carpet surface

As stated above, try and soak up most of the spilled substance from the carpet with very absorbent material. Blotting should always be performed when you are absolutely sure the spread of the substance has been stopped. Don’t ever rub the area of spillage because it can contaminate other non-affected areas and damage the carpet.

Apply carpet detergents while cleaning

The two steps carried out might have left the carpet dry, but there will still be a presence of stain on it. This can be solved with the use of detergents. Use a quarter amount of detergent in relation to the size of the water used, which depends on the size of the stain. Don’t use an excessive amount of detergents so you won’t be left with too much soap suds to wash off. Soak the affected area with the detergent mix for as long as possible, depending on how tough the stain is, and do not scrub it. When you are done, use paper towels or dry cloths again to soak up the detergent water with the stain that comes off with it. Judging by the amount of water used, you can leave it pressed to the floor, with something heavy to keep it in place till the water is absorbed as much as possible.

Use of vacuum cleaners

After the stain is no longer noticeable, use a vacuum to even out the affected part of the carpet with the rest of it.

Apply carpet fresheners

 This helps eliminate any trace of musty or damp smell the spill must have made the carpet to have and makes the whole carpet smell fantastic again.


It is very important always to try to clean the affected area as fast as possible. If in any case you have no idea on how to go about maintaining your carpet by yourself, or it is too rigorous for you to do by your lonesome, it is always deemed necessary to involve a professional cleaner that can help you with your problem.


  1. We have two dogs roaming around the whole house that usually spills urine anywhere. It is true that a carpet also needs special treatment and should be given time for proper cleaning since it can be a huge source of the infestation. Moreover, hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company is highly advisable to maintain the natural cleanliness and freshness of carpets.

  2. My friend is doing some renovations and needs new carpet for his living room. I appreciate your tip to always blot the surface of a stain. I’ll pass this tip onto him in case he ever spills after he gets new carpet.

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