Our clients’ opinion: today we hear from Mike, Raymond, and Reyna!

All the hard work we did in the last 8 years was worth it when we see that our clients appreciate it and that we made a difference in their lives through our activity and ethics. As a family-owned local company, operating only within a 50-mile radius, reviews and word of mouth are the most important marketing tool, and our aim is 100% customer satisfaction. However, we don’t want to brag about ourselves, which is why we chose three Google Maps reviews that have impressed us the most lately.

They come from Mike, Raymond, and Reyna, three of our customers, who we were more than happy to help with different chores inside or outside their property. Business is business, and obtaining a profit every time is essential for the success of any small company, but what matters most is knowing that we don’t work in vain and only for the money. The fact that we bring a smile to our customers’ faces, a positive change in their house and their life, and a sincere thank you at the end, makes it all worthwhile. Without any further ado, here’s what they had to say after our interaction.

Mike: “No words can truly express my appreciation for what Home & Business Services accomplished for preparing our home for sale. They were awesome in every way, from replacing my entire roof to painting the entire inside, cleaning up the yard, and replacing the entire carpet. I have no words on how impressed and happy I am. Initially, I was trying to save some pennies going with other contractors, but I was not happy with the services and prices they were offering. They couldn’t compare or match up in any way with Home & Business Services. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Home & Business Services every time and I am sure I will recommend them to everyone I know”

Raymond: “We are repeat customers who knew the Home & Business Services team would do an amazing job on a planned basement renovation. After they did an initial walkthrough and gave us an estimate, they scheduled framing, flooring, and painting. We were called before each contractor arriving, and every one of them was prompt and professional. After all the work was completed, there was an adjustment we requested. The team came the next day to make the changes we wanted. They even beat their timeline for completion. If you are looking for a well-organized, efficient remodeling experience, this team should be your go-to!”

Reyna: “100% WOW factor! Home & Business Services is head and shoulders above the rest. They even beat out the Home & Garden Television shows with their delivery and turnaround. The customer service is amazing and refreshing compared to the competition. They ran the job and ensured the project was done right the first time, and on time, under budget. No games with Home & Business Services! If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop that will allow you to continue to handle your busy day-to-day life while the work is getting done, Home & Business Services is the way to go! Don’t risk it, go with them! This is the way a business is supposed to deliver and treat clients. Hands down the best!”

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