The best tools to use during yard work, for convenience and efficiency

yard work

Another thing we excel at, apart from professional cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and handyman services, is yard work. Our highly-trained experts pay attention to all details, care about your budget and needs, and their main goal is to exceed your expectations. They are reliable, trustworthy, and have high-quality working standards and ethics.

Our yard work involves pruning the plants, trees and shrubs, maintaining the landscape areas, applying fertilizers and pesticides, and activating and monitoring the irrigation systems around your house. Although we normally use top-notch technology for our work, sometimes the simplest solution is the best, and this thing is all the more obvious when it comes to yard work.

yard work
yard work

This is why we have compiled a list of items and tools we use for yard work, and which shouldn’t be missing from your garage if you sometimes want to do it yourself:

1. A big rake. People who do a lot of yard work know that a big rake makes the job smaller. Taking into consideration that this tool is not at all heavy, you should opt for the biggest one you find since it will increase your productivity tenfold;

2. A performant leaf blower. A leaf blower or vacuum does exactly what its name suggests: it sucks up leaves, especially the ones near areas that are almost impossible to rake. We are talking about flower beds, shrubs, etc. A performant leaf blower will compress thousands of leaves into a single bag;

3. A large garden cart. This can be used for numerous garden activities, such as storing and transporting gardening tools, bulbs, starter plants, fertilizer, and bags of soil;

4. Clearing garden tools. These are very versatile tools, being used for severing roots, swing branches, as well as cutting vines and trimming stems and shoots. The 13 or 18-inch billhook saws are ideal for an overgrown garden since they have curved blades for quick pull cuts, and an edge for removing tough grasses and branches;

5. Aerator shoes. This small platform that attaches to any pair of shoes, resembling long crampons, will help you create small holes in the ground as you walk around. This way, air, water, seeds, and fertilizer will enter the soil;

6. Pop-up garden bags. These items pop up into large garden bags, which can store the leaves and debris left after yard work. After throwing them away, collapse the bags to their original state and deposit them safely in your garage or house;

7. A robotic lawnmower. When you’re tired or don’t want to do the hard work on your own, let the robotic lawnmower take over, while you enjoy a well-deserved rest;

8. An extendable tree pruner/hedge trimmer. Instead of using a ladder, it’s much more comfortable to use an extendable hedge trimmer/tree pruner, which can be operated from the ground. Furthermore, modern models allow you to adjust almost anything, so they are perfect for any difficult job;

9. A stand-up weeder. Last but not least, the stand-up weeder will allow you to remove pesky weeds without having to kneel or bend down.

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