The best color to paint the exterior of your house in the summer of 2021

Many of our clients have asked us a simple, yet complex question during the last few months: what color to paint the exterior walls of their house, for the summer of 2021? The answer can’t be a definitive one since it depends on many factors: the materials your house is made of (wood, concrete, etc.), its structure and positioning, and of course your preferences and budget. However, we have selected some of the best options, that will certainly turn your neighbors’ and passers’ heads.

1. Simply white. Of course, you can never go wrong with plain white. You probably didn’t know that, but there are different shades of white. So what does “simple” white mean? It means just the right amount of color, without it being too dazzling or glaring. This choice is also perfect in contrast to wood or other materials with a darker natural shade since the contrast will be very pleasing to the eye.

2. Onyx. As with yin & yang, there can be no light without darkness, no truth without lies, and no good without bad. Therefore, if we mentioned white first, we must go with the onyx second. This shade is perfect for garage doors and window frames, and it creates the perfect contrast with white or other lighter tones. However, don’t use it too much, otherwise, the exterior walls of your house might retain heat for a longer time.

3. Seapearl. This color, which is a very delicate combination between white and pink, has been used for a long time for interior wall painting, but this year marks its exterior debut. Its Light reflectance value (LRV) and neutral tone make it both modern and exquisite, being the perfect choice for new, futuristic houses being built as we speak. Contrasts work really well with this shade as well.

4. Amazon Green. Green is one of the most popular and appreciated colors in the world, being used for almost everything from walls to clothes. Its popularity comes from the fact that it’s associated with nature and freshness, but Amazon Green is quite unique. Its shade is really dark, like the Amazonian rainforest or a pool table cloth. We recommend it since it can be described as a “sort of black, but that doesn’t retain as much heat”.

5. Thunder. You probably never heard of this color before and neither did we before we did our research. Thunder can be described best as a “twisted darker beige” or a “warm earthy gray”. It has the advantage of making the house look clean and quiet at all times, being a non-invasive shade. Therefore, it will fit perfectly in a quiet neighborhood.

6. Pewter. This color takes its name from the tin alloy with lead, antimony, and copper. This metallic look is so versatile that it works really well with minimalist and industrial homes, as well as old, renovated ones. Depending on the angle from which it’s viewed and the amount of natural light it gets, the pewter can either look grey or blue.

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