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Dryer Vent Cleaning by HBS

It's not enough to clean the lint trap of your dryer machine after every usage !

You heard that right… The vent line can start accumulating lint even in the most energy efficient machines. HBS offers you some tips on when it’s time to worry and how to avoid a fire hazard in your home.

Warning Signs

• clothes take longer to dry or don’t dry fully;

• clothes are hotter than normal at the end of the drying cycle;

• burnt smell in the laundry room;

• laundry room becomes more humid than usual;

• outside of dryer gets very hot;

• outside exhaust dryer vent flapper doesn’t open very much, indicating low exhaust velocity;


Replace vinyl or plastic flexible transition ducts between the dryer and the main vent with a semi-rigid metal transition duct, since vinyl or plastic transition ducts can catch fire, unlike the semi-rigid metal ducts. 
 Since this is a fire hazard, it is a good idea and a good practice to include on your home maintenance to do list getting your dryer vent cleaned - every year.

Cleaning Your Dryer Vent Can Reduce Fire Risk. Year after year there are more dryer fires recorded than ever.

Don’t delay ! do it yourself or call a professional company sooner than later. 

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