Make room for someone new, literally: how to arrange the nursery for your newborn?

Welcoming a baby in your life is a wonderful and sometimes overwhelming experience, on the positive side, of course, but you also have to welcome him (or her) in your house. Normally, you start working on the baby’s room from the moment you find out you will become a father. This generally gives you around 5 or 6 months to plan it and put everything in order. However, if it’s your firstborn or you don’t know where to start from, you should read our tips & tricks for making room for someone new, literally: you will find out how to arrange the nursery for your newborn.

1. Identify a focal point. In most cases, the nurseries are centered on the crib, but there are multiple other options to choose from. A large window, a painted dresser, or an oversized toy could also do the job and draw focus inside the room;

2. Decorate the ceiling. Since babies spend a lot of time on their back, anything they see on the ceiling becomes ten times more interesting. Therefore, you should consider painting the ceiling in a soothing color, or enhancing the nursery’s theme with a mural or decals;

3. Go for Green. There is a reason for which we wrote green with a capital G. That’s because we don’t necessarily mean the color, but rather an eco-friendly approach. Using and decorating the nursery with eco-friendly products isn’t only good for the environment, but for the baby, of course;

4. Create a nursing station. A nursing station is a place where the mother feeds the baby. She has to have a comfortable place, such as an armchair, where everything is at hand. Therefore, the nursing station should combine comfort, practicality, safety, and style;

5. Create a sanitation station. Apart from the nursing station, you also have to create a sanitation station. It’s the place where the baby will be changed, therefore you always have to have a stack of diapers, but also a place to put or dispose of the used diapers, before throwing them away;

6. Install a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is always a great idea since it helps reduce SIDS by over 70%. SIDS is short for Sudden infant death syndrome, one of the main causes of mortality for babies, and one of the most terrible nightmares for young parents. Therefore, we could say that preventing SIDS is as easy as a flick of a switch;

7. Don’t use harsh lighting. If the lighting is directly over the crib, make sure it’s not harsh and it’s dimmable. Also, it’s a good idea to buy a small lamp for a cozy, storytime glow;

8. Don’t forget the nightlight. Last but not least, don’t forget to buy a nightlight for your baby’s room. Nightlights provide both safety and comfort, especially during late-night feedings, or when the baby wakes up during the night and is alone for a couple of minutes before his parents show up.

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